‘One Voice’ for the holidays

13 thoughts on “‘One Voice’ for the holidays”

  1. Definitely NOT a band but an orchestra; as stated in the list of performers.

    I noticed that every one was at least a sergeant. The only officer being the conductor, I think may have been a colonel. I wonder why they are all given that ranking?

    I must admit that I found it a bit tedious; the music didn’t seem that melodious to me, and the singing seemed restrained.

    Americans usually perform with much more gusto and life; I was disappointed.

    But then I’m a grumpy old man as we all well know !

    1. I, too, noticed it was called a band when it is quite obviously an orchestra. As for the ranks, I don’t know anything about that.

      I’m sorry you were disappointed with it. I thought it was wonderful, but I either like or don’t like music. That’s the extent of my knowledge.

      1. All those stripes on the upper sleeves signify rank of non commissioned officer; NCO’s
        Officers rank is shown appears on their epaulettes, and on naval officers lower sleeve.
        I listen to music most of the time and am stuck in my own little world I suppose

      2. Nothing wrong with your own little world. We all have different tastes; that’s why there are so many kinds of music. And aren’t we lucky to have it!

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