My visual Freudian slip

14 thoughts on “My visual Freudian slip”

  1. When I read that before I got to your next to the last sentence, I saw degradation also…really. And that’s is what he truly means and the two words are one in the same in this instance.

  2. My first thought, a science ignoramus for a president! On second thought, maybe not so ignorant. It’s just that he only cares about what is likely to directly affect him. The people are suffering? Let them eat cake.

    1. He’s dangerously narcissistic, if not sociopathic. And either willfully ignorant or just plain stupid (I have no tolerance for either). In any case, he doesn’t care one whit about the country. His only concern is the happiness, wealth, and well-being of Donald Trump.

  3. I think you read that correctly. When you consider his long term goal, disruption of the status quo to create controversy and conflict, there’s no reason why we should expect him to care about the environment..

  4. I can’t imagine why he is taking this stand against the science of climate change. I mean, what’s in it for him, except for disrupting, as Joared says, the status quo? He thinks he is protected by his money and power, so the sooner ‘somebody’ lowers the boom, the better!

    1. I think he’s an ignorant man who refuses to recognize anything that might inconvience him personally. As you said, he thinks his money and power will protect him from anything. And he probably thinks he’s winning lots of votes by refiring the coal industry and reducing emission standards for many, many industries. It’s hard to calculate how much damage he might do before we get him out of office, but we’re losing ground every day he’s there.

  5. he thinks his money and power will protect him from anything

    See… those first two words is where you’ve gone wrong. Everything that follows is a logical error stemming from that single, fundamental mistake.

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