Honor, dignity, humility



George Herbert Walker Bush

1924 – 2018

41st President of the United States



14 thoughts on “Honor, dignity, humility

  1. I liked, and respected President Bush, however I always felt that he was better suited to the life of Ambassador to The Court of St James; too much the honourable gentleman to be President.

    I did think that he would have been buried at Arlington, he was, after all, more of a war hero than JFK. The youngest man ever to be commissioned as a pilot, nd served with distinction in WWII,

    It was only right that an aircraft carrier was named for him, he earned the right, Reagan didn’t.

    Pity the present incumbent of the Oval Office wasn’t half the calibre of president George H W Bush

    1. I, too, liked and respected him. As I recall, he was the last Republican I voted for.

      He could have been buried at Arlington if he’d wanted that. But he wanted to be buried beside his beloved wife at the presidential library in Texas.

      1. So Geo Dubya wont get buried next to daddy when his time comes; not like John Adams and John Quincy Adams, the only other father and son Presidents.
        They are buried in the same church crypt

      2. But I bet my boots that arrangements have already been made.
        Would you believe in England /London every now and then, they have a rehearsal for the Queens funeral; I often wonder if Her Majesty slips along for a preview.

      3. Most anyone with preferences about their burial place are probably careful to make those wishes known well ahead of time.

        Her Majesty continues to amaze me with her energy and longevity. I remember watching her coronation when I was a child.

      1. Beari is Australian. I don’t hold him accountable for knowing all American history. But he often surprised me with what he does know about us.

      2. Actually Susan I’m English still.
        I’ve lived in Australia since 1951 but have never taken out citizenship.
        Can’t see the point in swearing allegiance to the Queen when I’m already one of her subjects 🙂

      3. Originally I said “lives in Australia,” but then realized any nationality might live in Australia. And I thought about saying English/Australian but that sounded even more complicated. I was just trying to clarify for John the Cook, and failed miserably. My apologies, ElBoB.

      4. I’ve heard of JFK and PT109 but I think it was blown up out of all proportion. What President Bush did was far and away more brave than anything JFK ever did in the war.The way they carry on about JFK one would think he one the war single handed. He had/and still has great PR people.

      5. I think of JFK more as the guy who got us through the Cuban missile crisis. And launched our 9 year race to the moon. And was only 43 when he was assassinated.

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