‘Short’ sighted

15 thoughts on “‘Short’ sighted”

    1. All I’ve seen so far was it was supposed to be an historic all-female crew, but they only had suits to fit one of them. That’s pathetic.

      If there’s more to the story, I’m waiting to hear it …

  1. When I heard this, I couldn’t believe it! Don’t know if I’d trust going up into space with NASA if they couldn’t put this on an early checklist.

    1. I agree. Such a huge oversight. And imagine have trained for and being selected for an historic mission and then being scrubbed because they don’t have a suit that fits you! Talk about a sexist group of planners …

      1. What I can’t understand is why when someone is chosen to train as an astronaut they are immediately fitted out with their own suit, seems the logical thing to do to me

      2. Too mundane, I guess. Spacesuits aren’t nearly as glamorous as trying to figure out how to get to Mars. It would be laughable if not so infuriating. And how do you make it up to the woman whose flight was scrubbed because of it?

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