Dancing with dolphins

Years ago, in Tampa Bay, FL, I was lucky enough to see three dolphins frolicking off the bow of my tour boat. I’d seen my share of dolphin pictures, but pictures were nothing to the thrill of actually seeing them wild and free, right beside my boat. This giant pod, however, is far beyond anything I would ever have imagined. Wow!

Chuck Patterson filmed these dolphins off Laguna Beach, CA, two days ago. He estimated there were more than 100 dolphins.

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15 replies

  1. WOW what a big pod of dolphins…must have been a free marine samples being handed out at Docksco?
    Must have been amazing to see that in person. (PS Heard any update about LB?)

    • I had no idea they ever gathered in pods this large. Yep, surely must have been free samples or something. Maybe a pretty pink girl dolphin.

      (Haven’t heard anything about LB. Really concerned. I guess you’ve not heard anything either. I sent an ecard and it hasn’t been opened. Nothing new on his website.)

  2. Wow! Amazing! But a bit concerned about that jet boat (or whatever that thing is) appearing to be chasing them.

  3. OH! This actually brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful, so majestic! And an honor just to watch them dancing! I can’t imagine how spectacular this was in person! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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