Once upon a time we dreamed

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  1. The tourist parking lots are jammed at NASA here. So heartening to see renewed interest.
    (So many kids were chilled and scarred on space travel after the destruction of space shuttle Columbia upon reentry – media played that footage over and over. Burning images into minds.
    Space discovery has never been safe – just like the sailing explorers – there were life threatening risk. But always before we were able to gut it up and finish what was started – to honor those who risk all.
    So many have benefitted from NASA – the directorship did a very poor job of featuring the accomplishments, the science, the medicine, all the things learned and put to immediate use here on earth. Few understood.
    Lots going on here for the past week.
    Hoping everyone once again turns skyward, turns towards the challenge and returns to the spirit of space.
    A great effort accomplished by determined people – and one of many things for the USA to be proud of.
    Read more here from Houston news and cheer the brave and the good

    1. It must be encouraging to live in Houston where NASA is a part of your daily local news. Here it’s rare to see anything about NASA as a matter of course. It has to be something that garners national headlines. Of course that did mean more community interest in Columbia. Challenger is the one seared into my mind. We were all watching live at work when it happened. Still very painful to see the replays. And I know the names Grisson, Chaffee, and White as well as I know Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins. So much dedication. So much sacrifice. I’ll never forgive the govt for cutting NASA’s funding.

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