Summarizing the Dem debates

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    1. Well, it’s still early. Maybe the candidates are having as tough a time with the huge field as the rest of us are. Maybe when it’s down to half a dozen or so, things will start making sense for all of us. But I’m still very afraid of them going too far left and losing the moderate vote.

  1. Primaries, of course, are different from the main contest. This is just the reality, and it’s the system we have. These extreme proposals have a negligible chance because of the senate, which, even if it becomes narrowly Democratic, will still impede their passage. i submit that these debates are mainly useful for judging the character, the stamina, the intelligence and the gravitas of the candidates. Or, it ought to be.

    1. Once upon a time that’s what I thought — that the candidates made all sorts of proposals and promises while campaigning, and that Congress would bring them to heel if they were elected. I took comfort in that. Then Trump got elected and here we are.

      I no longer disregard the wild proposals of a candidate, have faith in the good sense of the electorate, or trust the willingness of Congress to do its job and rein in an out-of-control president.

      If we learned nothing else from Trump’s election, it was to take even the clowns seriously.

  2. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was interviewed by Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” this morning. If you can find a replay, it’s worth a look. Later in the program, he ( Chris Wallace ) also interviewed Trump adviser, Peter Navarro, and handed him his a$$.

    I think THIS is a link to those interviews.

    1. I look forward to watching that and seeing what Buttigieg had to say. I’ve seen several other candidates this morning (talking about the shootings) and was unimpressed with what they had to say.

    2. Buttigieg came through again. Always making sense. Not sure I understand he’s idea about the Supreme Court, but I’m willing to consider any improvement to the current situation. I know I didn’t understand much of what Navarro was saying. It didn’t seem to relate to the obvious fact that the Chinese will add our tariffs to the price of their goods and American buyers will then be paying the increased prices. Beyond that I won’t pretend to understand.

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