Trump’s latest ‘absurd’ idea

When I first heard that Donald Trump was talking about buying Greenland, I thought it was a joke. As big a joke as Trump running for president. Fortunately, he was immediately rebuffed by Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark, who called the idea “absurd.” And no, I hadn’t known Greenland was officially a part of the Kingdom of Denmark (or that such a thing even existed). Nor did I know Trump wasn’t the first president to propose the idea. Harry Truman mentioned it too.

But with the US already trillions of dollars in debt, how does Trump imagine he’d pay for this next “big deal”? (He’s the country’s greatest real estate mogul, you know.) As in the past, he’d probably borrow the money from someone (Mexico?) with no intention of ever paying it back.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s latest ‘absurd’ idea

    1. We have an air base there and it’s strategically located, being as far north as it is. Lots of minerals too, I think. With global warming opening the Arctic, shipping and ports up there are becoming very important, too. Primarily I think it would just be a coup for him — something to brag about and put him in the history books (like the purchases of Alaska and the Louisiana Purchase). The ultimate real estate deal.

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