Vote for your favorite Comedy Wildlife photograph

“Grab life by the … ” by Sarah Skinner

Forty finalists have been announced for the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and you can vote for your favorite; you might even win an iPad. Winner will be announced November 13. Click on any photo to browse through a slideshow of all the finalists. Then cast your vote. You’ll receive an email to confirm your vote and entry into the drawing for the iPad. Even if you don’t vote, your spirits will be lifted and you’ll get to smile a few times.

In addition to the one above, here are a few of my favorites:

“To be or not to be” by Txema Garcia

“Laid back” by Tom Mangelsen

“Dancing… yeah!” by Martina Gebert

“Oh My!” by Harry Walker

Categories: Green, Photography

13 replies

  1. Just the post needed to make the day better (That dancing one is pretty hard to beat).
    Thanks for passing along the smiles!

    • Been worrying about you all day. You keeping your feet dry? Family and loved ones all safe?

      • We’re all fine – but we grew up here and know what to watch out for – and were very careful in selecting where to live. Kid’s house had more water than ever before close to house, but we told them to run out and double check French drains for clogs – and that worked. Whew. It is really bad for so many once again. (stupid big school district chose to not close and that was a huge mistake.)I always worry about the older ones and the new to the area families.
        Appreciate your concern. It’s rebuild all over again here…(maybe I’m getting too old for this area.) thanks again (a few links in today’s post about the mess)

  2. For those interested, I finally voted for “Laid Back,” the little chimp relaxing with his hands behind his head. But it sure wasn’t an easy decision.

  3. Yeah, the top one was one of my favorites.

  4. I really needed this smile. Thanks so much for sharing.


  1. Surprise, no surprise – Pied Type

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