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My favorite Thanksgiving dish


My chuckle for today:

“Stuffing is a reward, akin to delectable candy packed into a tasteless Butterball piñata. Stuffing is so good, in fact, that we willfully eat it out of the rear end of a dead animal.”

That little observation is from Chris Gayomali in his article “The 10 best classic Thanksgiving dishes, ranked” that I found over at The Week. All my favorites, and probably yours too, were on the list. The one exception, which I’ve noted in the past, is mac and cheese. I know it’s popular in some parts of the country, but it was never seen at my Oklahoma Thanksgivings. To this day it strikes me as a bit out of place on a Turkey Day menu.

But stuffing, oh yeah. With lots and lots of gravy. It seems like there’s never enough gravy to go around and rarely any to anoint leftovers. Maybe that’s why it’s so special; it’s always in short supply.


  1. We didn’t do mac n cheese. But we did do chicken and noodles – those big fat homemade noodles. And we’d put a scoop of that on top of a scoop of plain mashed potatoes. Talk about a carbo-overload. Would stick to our ribs for days.


  2. Ha, you know me. Amy’s microwave something or other while I hole up in my apartment in vegetarian agony. That said, next year I will make stuffing. Vegan stuffing, but stuffing. And it will SO be good! 😉


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