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My career-in-a-box

(Reprinted from August 13, 2008

I go on Wordle binges, playing with word clouds for sometimes hours at a time. It’s probably of no interest to anyone else, but I decided I’d try to sum up my 35 or so working years in a Wordle. This is what I came up with — my career-in-a-box:

Click the pic to see a larger version.

Note: Argh! I just spotted a typo in there! Could have sworn I corrected it. Oh well, I leave it to those even more obsessive-compulsive than I to find it. There’s no way to go back and correct it.

Make that a double Argh!! I know I put “pica pole” in there, but I don’t see it now. I must have used something other than my last, best word list. 😦

© 2008 Some rights reserved.



  1. As editor of my high school newspaper I still remember how I tried hard to follow my textbook’s rule to cram the who, where, when, what of the story into the first sentence of the story. Looking back, I think it took much of the creativity out of the writing. I always tried to follow the rules but breaking them can sometimes be fun. Live and learn.

    • And at that you were leaving out the why and how. Apparently they don’t teach that anymore. Nor do they teach objectivity, it seems. I guess I’m a stereotypical old woman in bemoaning today’s society and the passage of the good ol’ days when things were done properly

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