Shut him up, shut him down

15 thoughts on “Shut him up, shut him down”

    1. I try not to watch him, but when someone does a report on the big stories of the day, he’s always included. And this was the story yesterday. It just seems to get worse and worse.

  1. I was zooming with my nephew and his wife, a doctor, today. She did not believe that Trump could have said that in seriousness. I finally told her to google it, so that she could see for herself that he was completely serious, and was trying to engage the scientists/doctors on the dais to back him up. He is so outrageous that unless you hear and see the words coming out of his mouth, you don’t trust that he said it. How is it possible that in the most dangerous of times in decades, we have this idiot in charge?

    1. I just replayed a video of him saying this and it sounded just as sickenly serious as it did the first time. Between him and the virus, November can’t come soon enough.

      And you know there will inevitably be people out there who heard him say it but didn’t hear any of the subsequent warnings, denials, spins, etc.

  2. Incredible what comes out of his mouth — I never cease to be amazed how he repeatedly flaunts his ignorance and is so oblivious to the fact he’s doing so.

  3. You can’t fix stupid but being reminded of it every day is depressing. 

    Trump supporters worthy of that claim need to find out how many of them (unmasked) can fit into a phone booth, or better yet, a coffin.

  4. He is a clown, and dangerous. I think that Dr. Birx should have said something and not let this pass. At this point I don’t think he can say anything that will upset his base, they have been totally brainwashed. You are right, the media should stop showing this nonsense.

    1. Birx and Fauci should do their own coronavirus updates, but I suppose Trump would fire them if he wasn’t included. He was a clown long before he was elected, but in his current position he is demonstrating just how dangerous he can be. If we succeed against the coronavirus, it will be in spite of him, not because of him.

    1. I try to give most people the benefit of the doubt and assume they are just ignorant or ill-informed. But that requires patience and a good mood on my part, and I’m running short on both.

  5. johnthecook…I have watched and re watched the video clip of POTUS commenting on cleansing the body with UV light and or a disinfectant. I did not hear him say do it,but then again I did not hear him say don’t do it. As far as I know only TWO people failed the common sense portion of this video clip,which begs the suggestion that some people need more help than others.

    1. You’re right, he didn’t actually say do it. He just suggested, in all seriousness, that it be looked into. And that alone, coming from the president, would be enough for some idiots to try it.

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