Liberty and justice for all

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  1. There has to be equal enforcement equally under the law or we’re really done.
    That includes destructive individuals destroying what others have worked hard to create or those brutally attacking others. Some of those small businesses were struggling with the COVID shutdown, not it’s worse. Jobs lost, too
    Everyone of every creed and color wants safe streets and neighborhoods.
    It sure seems like the first night was reasonable emotion and outbursts, but after that – while 80-90% of the people in the streets were there to honor Floyd (or to be where the action was so they can post selfies on FB- that does happen and that’s OK),
    – A whole bunch were just out there shopping without credit cards or money…and there there’s the rioting and vandalism. That last bunch should served jail time – they are not helping anyone but themselves – to some fine goods (and wow – was I surprised at the young Latinas out there grabbing too)…
    Some just really bored from quarantines and just got “caught up in the moment” (Media said that…) Time for school to start up now.
    Dangerous for both citizens, those marching, and police.
    There are bad cops –
    Houston’s Police chief is big on dramatically seeking like an evangelical minister – showing he’s one of them (Dude, your “people” were not the only ones who built this country…Houston would like a chief who represent ALL of us…ask him about the 2 old white people: a disable vet and cancer patient that his police force murdered in cold blood – and he lied over and over again for months until the Feds and all the evidence ( that the police left at the scene) was in. Here’s part of the story – more links at the bottom.
    If one reporter hadn’t stayed on it and those neighbor hadn’t stood outside HPD headquarters with signs saying “Murdered by HPD officers with the couple’s picture on it” the whole thing would have been buried. I was so happy when on local Black activist also stepped up and went to the town hall meetings about this injustice. She said “ALL lives matter” and these two were murdered by police. She’s right. It happens repeatedly here – all colors. It has to stop.

    It’s got to be ALL lives matter. And ALL of us stand with a color blind Lady Liberty, not just one group. Justice for ALL and ALL for justice.
    (Sorry for the length – this whole thing is nuts: bad cop. bad death, bad people taking advantage of a bad situation for personal gain.)

    1. No apology needed. Look at how much I’ve posted about all this. It’s infuriating and frustrating and if I were 50 years younger I’d probably be out there marching too. Bad cops have to go (there are three in Minneapolis that still need to be charged as accessories to murder). Law-breakers of all colors need to be arrested and locked up. The police need to abandon their blue wall of silence and police their own as they would the general public. And that orange idiot in Washington has got to go before he ignites an actual civil war.

      Justice for all and all for justice. Absolutely!

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