Trump tests positive for Covid-19

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  1. I can see two possible outcomes from this: either he gets it and gets super ill and is incapacitated, and blames Biden’s win on his inability to get on the campaign trail because of it. Or, he’s asymptomatic and doubles down on “see, wasn’t so bad, so open up the economy,” and that’s the end for all of us.

    The guy’s like a bad slot machine. Nothing good ever comes out.

    1. Ha, I hadn’t heard that one before. Yep, opening the country now would doom the country. I still don’t understand why Florida opened up. Completely. This thing is far from over.

      1. He’s never been “the picture of health.” I’d guess high blood pressure, maybe diabetes. All sorts of other risk factors besides age and weight.

      2. And then we’re left with Pence… (shudder).

        Oh my. I wonder how many Dump supporters even remember Pence is around, and that he would be the one to step in in the end if needed. How many Dump supporters actually like Pence?

        Hmm… gotta research now.

  2. I started dancing in the streets at 3 am when I heard the news on cable. Here’s my prediction:|

    • trump needs to be president due to his overwhelming debts, and possible criminal charges once he’s out of office, so he will not withdraw – this is an easy prediction

    • After several days or a week, Pence will have to step in to take charge at trump will be too sick

    • trump, as he comes and goes in consciousness, will continue to wail about the election no longer being fair, but as so many people who work for trump want him out, nothing will come out of his complaining.z

    • Biden wins

    • trump dies within a few weeks after the election

      1. That’s my thought. Dump has to live to see himself lose in a landslide at the very least. He has to live that long to realize he did all that crap to himself, figuratively and literally.

      2. I do, too. Death is too good for him. But facts are facts, he’s old, unhealthy in many ways. He won’t last much longer. Even if he pulls through this, all trials will go on the wayside due to his health.

      3. If it was anyone but trump – and only because he was president (even if a horrible one) – I believe that will be one of his “perks.” That all this can be put aside due to his poor health. Even if everyone knows he’ll never really recover.

  3. My own opinion is that Mr. Trump will exhibit mild to moderate symptoms, remain at Walter Reed Medical Center for several days followed by self-quarantine. The result will be a cancellation both of his upcoming rallies and the second Presidential debate. (Thank God!)

    1. No, I don’t agree. The disease does not run its course in a couple of days. We don’t know if he was officially discharged from the hospital or if, being president, he just told them he was leaving. He was treated with a drug not yet approved for or available to the general public. He was still taking drugs when he left the hospital, one of which has mood-altering potential. We don’t know exactly when he became ill, which is critical to knowing when he might be considered well again. We’ve not yet heard that he has tested negative. Meanwhile he’s not wearing and has rarely ever worn a mask, and others in the White House are dropping like flies. There’s every reason to believe he’s still contagious and therefore his actions and behavior are still very important.

  4. I agree with most of what you said but would add that through the media Trump has let it be known that the cocktail of drugs he was given will be available to other sufferers at no cost. I think the thing to take away from this is the fact that more treatments are coming along which mean even older people with other problems stand a good chance of surviving Covid-19. It is no longer the case that catching it means you will die, if it ever has been the case indeed. Have you heard of Swedens experience of the virus. They seem to be the gold standard at the moment for getting back to normal.

    1. He can’t offer the drugs to the public because they haven’t yet been approved by the FDA. Remdesivir is available EUA, for emergency use only, in hospitalized patients and is administered by infusion. Doctors, not the president, determine if or when it is used. The monoclonal antibodies treatment he received is still experimental and may be approved for EUA. It has not yet been approved by the FDA. The dexamethasone, a steroid, that he received is widely available for use in patients whose doctors think it appropriate. The president does not have the power to authorize use of these drugs and they most certainly will not be free; new drugs in limited supply rarely are. Lots of new treatments and vaccines are in the pipeline and hopefully coming soon. Meantime, the president could still be infectious; we won’t know until more test results are released.

      As for deaths, there have been more than 210,000, and about 40% of those are linked to nursing homes (ie, old people), according to the New York Times. Here in Colorado, that number is 53%. Our first major outbreak was in a nursing home where almost all the residents died. In Sweden, the general public has been much more amenable to mask-wearing and self-isolation. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case in the US.

  5. You seem very knowledgeable about medical matters and Colorado looks nice in the photos I have seen. From what I understand of the Presidents power he can made an executive order for something to happen and it does. I think from a laymans point of view, like myself, the antibodies treatment could be a game changer as it gives the body an immediate fighting force to attack the virus until the body has trained some of its own. I think that was the idea behind sufferers having blood transfusions from people who had recovered from the virus. At the moment her in the U.K. infections are increasing exponentially because of more testing and the high level of false positives we believe. Large areas are under severe restictions which swap and change and doesn’t seem to be based on science really. Pictures from Sweden show crowds walking around town centres with no-one wearing a mask. They have never had a lockdown and so have not had much economic damage from the virus. Basing they treated it as a bad flu and waited for the populations immunity to catch up in my opinion. Nice to talk to you.

    1. There are some limits on presidential executive orders, I think. But Trump has overused them. The antibodies treatment may or may not be helpful in treating Covid patients (it’s still experimental), but if we’re going to beat this pandemic we need a vaccine. Lots of it. Widely used. I expect it to be spring before we start making real progress. I did a little reading about Sweden and found one place that said their Covid death rate is approaching that of Italy. Apparently the government there didn’t impose a lot of restrictions but the populace tended to do what needed to be done. Frankly I don’t understand what’s going on there or why everyone points to Sweden as an example if they still have a high death rate.

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