The immor(t)al Donald Trump

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    1. You do know that those blue surgical masks do little good…people who have remodeled houses know those won’t even keep out sheetrock dust…and this virus has particles that are 100 times smaller.
      (Please stop repeatedly touching masks and face, Biden…please., for us all)
      Social distancing is the best hope – 13-16 feet is the distance multiple research studies world wide have shown the distance the virus can travel ( temperature makes a difference – the hotter humid climates make those tiny particles drop faster (there’s always the better Darth Vader N95 mask WITH a shield as the virus easily enters eyes.).
      This is a very terrible illness – can be lethal – or barely bothersome. Not everyone believes it because they don’t know anyone who has died. We do.
      In any case, it would provide the citizens hope for their own future if Trump recovers quickly…but realistically the relapse a few days after improving seems to be the critical/ dangerous/deadly period. The drugs they are giving have serious side effects that weaken the body. Ventilators are death.
      We’ll see
      But couldn’t believe he was in that car.

      1. Actually, the best hope is staying home in isolation, which I’m doing. But I realize most people can’t do that. When I do go out (very rarely), I keep my distance and wear a mask (3 layers of fabric with a filter). Plus I wear glasses, which I’ve read offers some protection. I don’t know anyone who has died from Covid, but with my high risk factors, I don’t need to.

      2. Glasses do help – contacts do not.
        Like you, taking personal responsibility for ourselves, we are staying home except for walking the dog, curbside pickup of groceries, and checking the PO Box ( doesn’t flood there haha) after hours when empty.
        Not as much fun, but not much choice with risk factors.
        You’re doing good. Hang in there.
        (darn the weather is nice now and it would be nice to go someplace. Family tells me the numbers are going up in CO – probably the cooler weather and people going inside instead of outdoor in beneficial sunshine…older people absorb sunshine Vitamin D at a slower rate, so bundle up and get some rays! HAHA…Molly’s excuse for dragging us out to walk.) Take care

      3. Thank goodness our weather has finally moderated. The temps, anyway. It was a record hot summer. Still extraordinarily dry and the air is usually smokey from the Cameron Peak fire north of RMNP and the one in south Wyoming. I’ve only gone out for drive-thru prescriptions, doctor appointments, the vet, and mail. I think our rising Covid rates are mostly attributable to college students. Something like 1,500 isolated in Boulder and the whole city practically shut down. Same in other college towns.
        You take care, too.

  1. Why would anyone expect anything other than outrageous ignorant inconsiderate behavior defying common sense from this President which is mostly how he performs?

    1. Apparently there are still a lot of people who like his “performance.” And that’s what it is — a performance. Did you see his performance on the White House balcony when he got back last night? Ugh.

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