Don’t look now, but …

Fire begins in Lefthand Canyon on Sunday, October 18.

Yep, another fire. This one is the Lefthand Canyon fire. The evacuation area is just southwest of the still-burning Calwood fire northwest of Boulder, Colo. Lefthand Canyon runs west from north Boulder, and connects Boulder with Ward on the Peak-to-Peak Highway. At 7 pm the newest report I can find says 312 acres, and currently contained north of the canyon (not sure what that means); at 2:22 pm it was reportedly just 5 acres. Aircraft were assigned to the fire quickly because a low ceiling was keeping them off the Calwood fire. Ward and Gold Hill were ordered to evacuate, with people west of the fire being sent to Nederland.

I could do without this added tension. My brother’s house is south of the evacuation area on Sugarloaf Road between Boulder and Nederland. He’s still in the clear, but we don’t need another fire starting further south.

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