I almost forgot Pantone’s Color of the Year

I’m about a month late, I think, in writing about Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year selection for 2021. Perhaps that’s because I’m not crazy about their combination of yellow and gray. Don’t get me wrong. I like a nice sunny yellow in appropriate places. I don’t wear yellow, for example, but yellow flowers are spectacular, sunsets need yellow, etc. And grays have long been my favorite neutral. But this Pantone combo … no thanks.

Still, I grant you, these colors may work briefly for our passage from a gray (if not black) 2020 into a sunny, hopeful 2021. Fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “I almost forgot Pantone’s Color of the Year

  1. I guess they are getting tired of all the grey/blue-grey walls everywhere…but yellow? Maybe the main color is Yellow with a touch of grey? taker grey would be better (the dark hair in the photo tamps down the yellow a bit in the picture) But I’ll pass on this year’s combo
    Glad you remembered! You keep me up to date about paint HAHA

    1. Well, it did remind me once again that I made a bad choice in interior colors here. Before moving in, I had most of the rooms painted in a beige tone that turned out too dark and too pinkish. I have regretted ever since that I didn’t choose a very pale, warm dove gray. (Ironically, that’s the color my DIL picked for their house, and she hates it!) Twelve years is a long time to hate/regret a color choice, but I’m so crammed in to this little house that I get ill thinking about what would be necessary on my part to repaint (or recarpet) the interior while I’m living here.

      Pantone’s color choices are geared to much more than just interior walls. They’re thinking about everything — clothes, cars, furniture, all sorts of consumer products. And all kinds of surfaces — house paint, paper, fabric, metal (cars, etc.). But I still don’t like the yellow/gray combo. (Actually, they’re probably thinking about their once-a-year publicity stunt … )

      1. Paint is easier to fix than wall paper. Painting wasn’t a big deal in theist to me, but these days – all the stuff and trim ( I hate painting trim, and ladders…living with it is pretty reasonable.
        I’m always interested in the self appointed ones’ yearly dictates, but this time….earth tones will just hang on here …yellow and dark grey even seem a little too bumble bee…
        there: soft golden velvet pillow and multi-colored grey “fur” pillow on the couch – those count, right? HAHA

        1. I remember — barely — the days when I’d repaint a room without a second thought. Choose the color, buy the paint, employ brushes, rollers, drop cloths, ladder, etc. I’m now allergic to all those things, especially labor and ladders.

    1. When it comes to color, Nature doesn’t make mistakes. But for clothes I prefer cool colors — blues, greens, purples. I’m almost in a rut with teals and purples.

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