2020 retrospectives? No thanks

The last sunset of 2020, as seen from my brother’s house in west Boulder. It seemed very meaningful — in a way I’ve yet to define.

Goodbye and good riddance. Those are my feelings about the end of 2020. All those interesting year-end retrospectives I used to enjoy? Not this year. Who wants to dwell on the events of 2020? Maybe those who got married or had babies or bought a new house. Or got elected to the White House.

But me? Well, I learned I can have groceries delivered and never leave the house at all. Er, except for vet visits and to pick up prescriptions. Now I’m afraid I’ve become addicted to deliveries — despite the expense of shipping costs and tips. An expensive habit I hope I can break.

I had to buy a trickle charger for my car. Something I’d never heard of. But I drive so rarely that the battery died on me twice during the first few months of the year. At least now I don’t have to wonder if the car will start when I want to go someplace.

I got out once, finally, in September to see my primary care doctor, and found out I’m still healthy but now 5’7″ instead of the 5’8″ I’ve been for most of my life. (Even 5’8¼” for a while.) Bummer! But it explains why most of my pants have been getting too long. And here I’d thought maybe manufacturers were just accommodating women who wear heels all the time. In my closet you’ll find only sneakers, Uggs, sandals, and warm slippers.

I suppose we should all be delighted that several coronavirus vaccines came on line this year. Except that if Covid hadn’t been ravaging the world, they wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

And I am genuinely thrilled — over the moon — that Joe Biden was elected president and that with any luck, and the cooperation of the media, after January 20 we’ll never again hear the name Trump. (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?) I confess I’m taking particular delight in knowing he can’t retire at Mar-a-Lago as he’d planned because of some agreement he signed when he bought the place. Poor Donny. Whatever shall he do?

I threw out some old, badly worn t-shirts and sweatshirts that had been taking up space in my closet for waaay too long. Too worn to be donated to anyone. And for the first time in decades I remembered my mom’s old “rag bag.” The stuff I tossed would have gone into her rag bag to be used later as dust rags, wash rags, padding for her ironing board, or anything else that required some fabric. I assume that was a habit left over from WWII, when the motto was “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

I finally called it quits when my third ophthalmologist since my glaucoma surgery left the practice and I was assigned a fourth one, so young she’s barely out of medical training. And I was also told I would be going to a different office location. So I found a glaucoma specialist out here who is taking new patients, and I have an appointment with her later this month. Should have made the change several years ago. Or at least started the search. Hope I like her.

I’ve been very grateful this year that I am an introvert already used to living alone (with a dog and a cat), so adjusting to loneliness has not been a problem. And I’ve been extremely fortunate in being retired and having the means to stay home while everything is delivered to me. I’ve lost an entire year out of however many I have left, but at least I’m still standing.

I have three resolutions for 2021 (this from someone who never makes resolutions):

  1. Get the Covid vaccine (both shots)
  2. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs from my family (they are only 1.5 miles away, but I’ve been with them just once since last March)
  3. Haircut!

15 thoughts on “2020 retrospectives? No thanks

    1. I will never again take a good professional haircut for granted! I normally wear my hair quite short and layered. You can (or maybe can’t) imagine what it looks like after a year of growth and my desperate occasional snipping.

    1. I’ve really missed the hugs, the Star Trek Sundays with the son and grandkids bringing pizza, the grandson coming over just to chat and play video games, etc. A year in the life of a teen is forever! And I’ve missed it.

  1. LMAO! Haircut! I’ve been going for haircut/color since it opened back up – until December. I’ve been going to an Aveda salon for years, and they are expensive. Even though I switched from using a Master designer to their “bottom of the totem pole” designer (I’m talking half the price), it still costs me around $250 for cut and color (I was paying nearly $400 before with a Master designer). I lighten my hair to PLATINUM blond, and it is hard on hair. Aveda really is an awesome product. I canceled my December appt tho. Money is just too tight right now. Plus, I don’t go anywhere. The grocery. Costco. Convenience store. And all visits are in/out, mask-required. I keep a safe distance. Use sanitizer at any/all opportunities before, during and after each store visit.

    My hair was driving me nuts. I don’t know when I’ve last posted a photo but I wear it very short. Light finger-width length. I’ve shaved my head before. Once for shits and giggles just to see what it was like. And 2nd time, it was before I started going to Aveda. I tried doing my own hair color from products bought from one of those salon-stock stores. I misunderstood some instructions about the purple-stuff that was supposed to keep the brassiness from my hair (I used it all…..). I ended up with dark-purple hair. It was funny. That was before I started working from home. I’d already done the “for-shits-and-giggles” shave so decided to shave off the purple. I knew what shaving my head was like. In all honesty, I loved it. To wake up and not have to fix your hair is… totally… AWESOME!!! But I have a scar on the back of my head which is barely covered when I have hair. When I shave my head, it stands out. If I didn’t have that scar, I’d honestly shave my head more.

    So last week I cut the front of my hair where I can see it. I share the house with a professional dog-groomer so she used her shears to to the back of my head – and did a pretty damn good job. I lightened it (which I did myself for years, but had been a long time). I got the wrong color. It’s not bad. Just not blond enough. Kinda light red in places. So I sent and got the platinum blond product I should have got before. Waiting a week and that’s what I’m told to do. So, next week, will hopefully be platinum again. If not and it looks like crap, I’ll shave it.

    Who cares? I only go to the grocery and Costco.

    1. I got buzzed during chemo and really enjoyed it being that short. For a while. Growing it out was an awful mess, however. Don’t want to try that again. But I’d love to have my really short layers again. I’m just too chicken to try to cut it that short myself. I gave up on color years ago. Too messy, time consuming, expensive. And it all gets cut off too soon. Besides, I’m not working anymore so who cares. My salon has mostly been open, but asks high-risk-group members to stay home. So here I sit.

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