When was the last time you thanked you…

Something we all need to remember, particularly in our current prickly social situation.


    .When was the last time you thanked you for always being there for you? Self appreciation soothes an aching soul.

    • Iyanla Vanzant

            Text and image Credit: Iyanla Vanzant https://www.facebook.com/150253431674197/posts/4699066920126136/

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            2 thoughts on “When was the last time you thanked you…

            1. johnthecook…The real question here is, Does self appreciation really sooth an aching soul? To me the results would be akin to standing upright by pulling on the very boot-straps your standing on. One of the wisest men to have ever lived is quoted as saying “Let another man praise thee,and not thine own lips;a stranger and not thine own lips”. There are more than a dozen other quotes that are worth mentioning. If you would like me to give them to you I will be more than happy to do so.

              1. This wasn’t originally my post, but my interpretation of it is more along the lines of the 1971 book “How to Be Your Own Best Friend.” Self-appreciation may not soothe an aching soul but being easier on yourself, less self critical, etc., can help.

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