Cycling: So Colorado

This is a screenshot from the Alpine Visitor Center webcam on Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park. In the past there have usually been several people here admiring the view. Not so much this summer. Not sure why.

However, what caught my attention today was the bicycle. Remember, this overlook is at 11,796 feet. If the cyclist came up from Estes Park (elev. 7,522 ft) to the east, it was a trip of 23.9 miles and an elvation gain of 4,274 feet.

Of course, he or she may have come from Grand Lake (elev. 8,369 ft.) on the west side of the park. That’s a shorter trip of “only” 22.6 miles and a climb of “only” 3,427 feet.

Yeah. Cyclists do that in Colorado.

4 thoughts on “Cycling: So Colorado

  1. Don’t forget those miles of road from either Estes or Grand Lake with little to no shoulder area for bicyclists – and the way too many vehicles not sharing the road with bicycles. Nerves of steel, leg muscles of steel and ultrasuperior lung capacity– all required for such a rider. Perhaps this rider came up the Old Fall River Road– “only” 9.4 miles… the slacker! 😄

    1. Nine miles of dirt road on a road bike? I doubt it. Skinny tires, etc.

      I know cyclists have lots of gears to work with, but I am always amazed when I pass one pedaling determinedly up a long grade. Still, 23 miles is one heckuva long grade! Maybe the ride back down makes it worthwhile …

      On much closer inspection, I’m wondering, could that be an electric bike?

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