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It’s fall, ya’ll!

“Colorado’s Colors” in Eagle County. Photo by Gene, on Flicker.

The autumnal equinox occurs at 1:21 pm today. Not that the precise time matters to me. It’s enough that fall, my favorite season, has arrived.

Colorado’s annual “Gold Rush” has begun in parts of the high country, with the average peak said to arrive September 27. (I don’t know the source for that, but I noted it on my calendar years ago.) And we’ve already had several glorious days in the 50s and 60s, with clear skies and dustings of snow on the peaks. We’re supposed to pop back into the 80s in the next few days, but I see no 90s in the forecast. Nighttime temperatures have been down into the 40s.

Photography buffs might want to check out Gene’s Flicker site. He shoots a wide variety of subjects, not just Colorado scenery.

Here’s another of his photos. It reminds me of many of my drives, where the aspen rise in front of me on the curves and stand out against the darker pines:


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