More fall, ya’ll

5 thoughts on “More fall, ya’ll”

  1. You found him! It looks so great seeing a little bit of “powdered sugar” on the peaks again as the trees get going, too– thanks for sharing a glamour shot of the area–

    1. You know, I didn’t recognize the name when you mentioned him, but there was something familiar about his picture. Pretty sure I must have read about him at some time in the past.

  2. If your mountains were closer to the ocean, I might think about moving…. my favorite ecosystems are (first) ocean, (then) mountain, desert and rain forest. That is a gorgeous landscape and the climb looks utterly daunting.

    1. If I’d grown up closer to the ocean, desert, or rain forest, I might feel the same way. But I lived most of my life on the plains, with summer vacations in the mountains. I was smitten at a very young age. Your landscape is equally gorgeous, and I’ve often thought it would be my second choice.

      1. I suspect you’re right that we tend to yearn for what we may have grown up with (whether it’s a place of origin or in our dreams! 🤩

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