More fall, ya’ll

“Bierstadt Moraine – Pano” by Richard Hahn

A friend reminded me today that there’s more than one professional photographer based in Estes Park, Colorado. No surprise, considering Rocky Mountain National Park is right outside the door.

Richard Hahn is the name, and he shoots both landscapes and wildlife. Check out his website to see what a true professional can do with can’t-miss subject matter.

That’s “my mountain,” Longs Peak (the peak I climbed 42 years ago), in the photo above. The foliage in the foreground should be looking like this very soon.

Rising to 14,259 ft. (4,346 m), Longs Peak is the highest peak in RMNP.

5 thoughts on “More fall, ya’ll

  1. You found him! It looks so great seeing a little bit of “powdered sugar” on the peaks again as the trees get going, too– thanks for sharing a glamour shot of the area–

    1. You know, I didn’t recognize the name when you mentioned him, but there was something familiar about his picture. Pretty sure I must have read about him at some time in the past.

  2. If your mountains were closer to the ocean, I might think about moving…. my favorite ecosystems are (first) ocean, (then) mountain, desert and rain forest. That is a gorgeous landscape and the climb looks utterly daunting.

    1. If I’d grown up closer to the ocean, desert, or rain forest, I might feel the same way. But I lived most of my life on the plains, with summer vacations in the mountains. I was smitten at a very young age. Your landscape is equally gorgeous, and I’ve often thought it would be my second choice.

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