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Boulder cams back and better

In a note certain to bore most of my readers, I want to point out an addition to my webcam page. Boulder, Colo., has been redesigning its website recently and has revived the webcams that were missing for a while. Even better, they are now live streaming.

The Boulder Creek webcam, above, located near downtown, doesn’t look like much right now but in warm weather there is often something to see — waders, sunbathers, dog walkers, etc. The camera was formerly labeled “flood cam,” so the view of the creek is probably important to the city.

A new live streaming cam, with a view of Bear Canyon Creek, is now located on Table Mesa Drive. A reader informed me at the time that when the floods of 2013 hit, it was this creek, rather than Boulder Creek, that caused the most damage. Also, with sadness, I see that across the creek is what appears to be the parking lot of the King Soopers store, scene of a mass shooting last spring.

For those interested, the Boulder website has also added live streaming and rotating cams at four major Boulder intersections.

Now that I've had my say ...

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