And just like that …

10 thoughts on “And just like that …”

      1. johnthecook…Now you see it. Now you don’t. This kind of reminds me of “out of sight, out of mind”. But like a dog returning to his own vomit, we as a people (all around the world) will revisit this remembrance this same time next year. Are we really that stupid? Do you think there is more to this than meets the eye?

        1. Preparations will probably start even earlier next year. After all, Christmas is a moneymaker for merchants. Eventually the whole year will be Christmas. What a great way to devalue the holiday.

  1. johnthecook…It would do well for all people to ask WHY do people all around the world celebrate Christmas. Remember, There is no Christmas without Christ! And no, let’s not talk about religion.

  2. Ja, die Erde dreht sich wie immer und mit ihr das Geld. Obwohl der Mensch immer weiter ins All fliegt, schreitet in den fortschrittlichen und reichen Staaten die Degeneration leider voran.
    Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Freude und Wohlergehen im 2022.

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