One River North is one cool building

7 thoughts on “One River North is one cool building”

  1. Wow! That’s an amazing design. Almost comical the way the building is chopped into sections in such a cartoonish way. Very cool though, thanks for posting this!

    When I was a kid in New Haven CT, they were building this headquarters for the Knights of Columbus. As a 10 year old, I had no idea what the organization was about, but i was fascinated to watch this unusual looking building in the downtown my friends and i haunted. I guess it’s kind of archaic now, and in need of repair.

    1. Oh, that’s a very handsome building. It looks very … strong and proud, and there’s something vaguely familiar about it. The craziest building I knew of as a child was a gold geodesic dome (Citizens State Bank) that replaced my old grade school.

      I was looking again at One River North and began wondering if some ambitious climber (we have a lot of them in Colo) is going to try to climb up or down that vertical cleft. And at the top, on the roof, it looks like somebody might easily fall in. I’ll believe this is a finished structure when I see it!

    1. I’ve loved seeing rooftop gardens and “green” roofs popping up everywhere, but this certainly takes the concept to a whole new level. I just hope the finished product will be as grand as the concept.

  2. I wish I had Simulacra and Simulation next to me (I’m working 3 hours from home).

    There was some piece of postmodern architecture discussed in it and I looked it up online because I had no idea what Baudrillard was talking about.

    This building reminds me of that structure he was discussing.

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