Super Bowl time in Colorado

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl time in Colorado”

    1. Just realized if you’re on a phone, you can’t see the skier on the left. Guess I’d better put the smaller pic back in. Yeah, it takes a lot of something to empty the slopes on a day like today.

  1. Is this a nutty country or what? The average ticket price to attend the Super Bowl was over $6,000 ! That includes sitting shoulder to shoulder with screaming strangers during a pandemic and standing in line for overpriced and unhealthy food. We watched it in the comfort of home with the ability to pause the game and view crystal-clear re-plays, not to mention amusing commercials. Go figure.

    1. I had the Super Bowl on but was paying more attention to my computer. I had zero interest in the half-time show (don’t like hip hop or rap) so used the time to fix dinner. I do appreciate the slo-mo replays of things I’d otherwise miss, and yes, the commercials are usually entertaining, as they have been during the Olympics. Glad they slid in a Budweiser Clydesdale at the very end.

  2. Ditto on the half paying attention here, too
    That empty ski slope is a really rare sight!
    For a long time it seems like I was always in an airport/on a plane during Super Bowl for business – actually those flights were quite fun and a good deal of camaraderie…of course that was long before COVID and masks…back when life was fun and people smiled and laughted – even with strangers on planes

    1. Somehow I’ve overlooked this comment until now. Sorry about that.
      Yes, I vaguely remember when flights were fun. I think. Life was fun? People smile and laughed? You sure about that?

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