I had to laugh

National news is so depressing these days that I rarely look beyond the headlines. But I do appreciate an occasional laugh at the expense of those making the news. Stephen Colbert is my primary source, in addition to political cartoons. I actually chuckled out loud when I came across this one.

8 thoughts on “I had to laugh

  1. One of the latest rumors about TFG (The Former Guy) is that he’s looking at racketeering charges. Why is this a rumor? Primarily because of Mazars cutting their ties and being so vocal about it. Apparently there’s this law that if anyone testifies against someone charged with racketeering, then they are granted total immunity. Makes perfect sense why Mazars would go to those extremes. And I’ve heard that Rudy is singing like a canary, too. I hope I hope I hope.

    1. Got my fingers crossed. I’ve wondered why, if Mazars thought there was wrongdoing, they waited until now to bail. But if doing this gets them immunity from having knowingly participated, it makes sense. Not that it will do their reputation any good. But they’re probably toast now anyway. I so want to see TFG in prison. PRISON, not some gigantic fine or time in a country club like Martha Stewart. Of course, if he pleaded insanity …

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