Please, GMC, don’t do this

I guess I’m just an old-fashioned old crone, but commercials like GMC’s latest evoke all kinds of negative responses from me. Please don’t brag about and show off “hands-free” driving capabilities! (That’s GMC and other manufacturers who do the same thing.) Don’t show a guy driving down the highway in a monster pickup taking his hands off the wheel to clap to “We Will Rock You.” And don’t make it worse with shots of that pickup hauling a big Airstream. Or passing another truck. Or doing it with the wife and kids on board. Or crossing a long, narrow bridge.

I’m only just accepting that decent, desirable cars out there can be all-electric, even though I still think their limited range and limited number of charging stations make them problematic. But the idea that there are people driving no-hands at highway speeds makes me cringe. It flat out scares me. I don’t want to do that or be on the road with people who do. And the idea that ads now promote such capability/behavior strikes me as extremely premature and dangerous. Don’t encourage people to do this!

That’s it. That’s all. I’ve been slow to accept a lot of new technology (online banking and bill paying are examples), but I’m guessing I won’t live long enough to be comfortable with hands-free driving.

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      1. johnthecook…You are absolutely correct. Self-driving cars, and now even 18-wheel big rigs are on the Highways, sometimes WITHOUT a real live person in the driver’s seat, SCARRY at best. Even with a real live person in the driver’s seat there has been one fatality in Phoenix AZ, and more are sure to happen. Ghost breaking is being reported on New Tesla model vehicles that have hand’s free capabilities and they don’t know why it’s happening. These are preventable disasters waiting to happen. The Ambulance chasing Lawyers are revving up their engines now in anticipation of the Lawsuits that are sure to come.

        1. I’ve read about all those incidents and they are unnerving at best. Knowing they recently tested a driverless semi on the interstate going through Denver (with its truly awful traffic) verges on horrifying. Relieved to see a younger person agreeing. Thanks for that!

          1. johnthecook…Younger? Thank you for being so kind. I celebrated my 71st Birthday last year.

  1. Actually, ever since I was 14 I have enjoyed driving. I don’t think I’m alone in that. Maybe it’s more of a male thing, but there’s a sense of control about it that is appealing. That said, there’s no doubt that computers and AI are getting better all the time. They are much less error-prone than humans and are reliable enough to direct missiles and land rockets on floating platforms. I can see a future where the option will always exist.

    1. Oh no, the love of driving is definitely not just a male thing! I’ve always loved driving, beautiful cars, etc. Still do, if it’s not in heavy traffic and not too far. Why would I give that up to a computer? No doubt it’s coming in the not-as-distant-as-I’d-like future, but I won’t participate.

        1. I love the new safety innovations and if my car weren’t fully paid for, would be sorely tempted to buy a new one to get them all, especially the emergency braking thing. It’s been argued that self-driving cars will give us seniors continued independence, but I’m not planning on it.

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