Yep, I did it again

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      1. You’re welcome. One thing – I didn’t see any graphic or photo. Was there supposed to be one? If not, then all is copacetic. Otherwise…

  1. I think it looks great. And the drop down menu works surprisingly well, although it sorta hides the path to your about page…or is that a widget title or separation thing. The drop cap really works. Run it awhile. How long did it take to implement?

    1. Oh, thank you, that’s exactly the sort of critique I want to hear. I took the About page out of the menu to keep the menu shorter, but did worry about leaving it so far down the list. I may change that. Also wish I could get the search window closer to the top. I feel that’s something readers (I, anyway) always want easily available. The theme was really quick and easy to implement, probably due in part to similarities from the previous theme. About all I did was tweak the colors and work on the widget/menu thing. I’ll probably be tweaking for a few more days at least.

    2. I did a little adjusting on the “menu,” which is actually the theme’s primary menu followed by whatever widgets you have. This theme, unfortunately, does not use drop-down submenus. They’d be very useful here.

      Another major shortcoming, common in far too many themes, is a lack of global control for featured images. There are no options for specifying where or if featured images appear. The default uses the first image in a post as a featured image, resulting in awkward duplication and presentation in older posts –and I have hundreds of older posts.

      1. I get that older post problem, and it may now be fixable using the block editor…but even then it would be piecemeal… I’m searching for a global CSS fix …but right now this site looks great, with a very nice future retro feel… you have always found a way to make sites your own. But because of the “Reader” a whole lot of people won’t know that. Their loss.

      2. “Future retro feel” eh? That’s good, I hope. I hate the Reader. I’m afraid people who use it don’t realize that their first click does not bring them to our sites. They get to read everything without seeimg all the work we’ve done to create a great presentation — the way we, not WP, want it.

        I don’t think we’ll ever get a global CSS fix. I was just chatting with a Happiness Engineer about a tweak I hoped could be made with CSS (move the date to the top of the post). Not possible without massive CSS coding, I was told. The suggested solution: use one of the new block-based themes to get some global controls. Grrrr …

  2. Maybe you’ve got a little OCD. I know I do too. Anyhow, I don’t think the theme matters much. Your content is good, helps oil my aging brain! Keep up the good work, Susan.

    1. Thanks, Jim. You’re probably right. It did occur to me last night that I should put more effort into producing decent content instead of into the presentation. But if I don’t have anything in particular to say, my focus tends to go to the presentation. Of late I’ve not had much to say. I don’t particularly want to add to the doomscrolling that I’m trying to avoid.

  3. Without good presentation, you can have the best content in the world and it still won’t fly well.
    Now you’ve got both (again) (as usual)
    I’m not the bored yet, but Sommer’s coming.
    Congrats – it looks cool, crisp, clean, and modern.
    I also like the dropdown menu – and agree about the “search” positioning
    More swoon, less gloom – HA HA – like that

    1. Thanks. I try really hard to put things where I think people will want and expect to see them. And make it all attractive and easy to use. And then every once in a while actually write something for you to read. 🙂

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