I’ve been wondering the same thing

Despite it sounding like “me too-ism,” I have to say I’ve wondered for a number of months what John McCain would have said about today’s Republicans. He was an honest, principled, no-nonsense guy. Not much of that going on these days.

10 thoughts on “I’ve been wondering the same thing

    1. I didn’t watch it. Just saw a few clips. Really disgusting behavior by our elected “public servants.” Would be nice if they’d all stop the character assassination and obstructionism and just tend to the nation’s business.

    1. I was a Republican until they decided that my medical decisions were their business. I could still appreciate financial conservatism and moderate social conservatism in general, but embracing and supporting the people and tactics they employ today is beyond the pale.

  1. I watched it. Once so enjoyed SCOTUS nomination hearings. Most informative by far, for me, was David Souter. Now it’s just a sad sham of ham handed culture war signifying, by Ivy educated political hustlers. Shameful.

    1. Shameful is a good word for it. Totally irrelevant questions intended to advance the speaker’s views or embarrass the judge or both, instead of learning more about the judge’s views on law, previous Supreme Court decisions, etc. At least, that was my impression based on the few headlines I saw.

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