Not your average snapshots

I love a great photography competition and there’s another one now in progress — the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards. Some of the category winners have already been announced and they will go on to compete for the overall Open Photographer of the Year title. If you enjoy great photography as much as I do, hop on over to their website to browse the galleries, winners, and shortlisted entries for 2022. Also enjoy galleries from previous years as far back as 2012.

Just a few that caught my eye:

© Thanh Nguyen Phuc, Vietnam. National Award Winner, Open Competition, Travel. A composition perfect for Spring. The detail in this is exquisite. You can count every tile on that wall.
© Scott Wilson, United Kingdom. Winner, Open Competition, Natural World & Wildlife. Horses have always been a favorite of mine. Not sure what’s happening here, but this horse is getting after it.
© James Crombie, Ireland. Shortlist, Open Competition, Natural World & Wildlife. The perfect illustration for recent comments on Pied Type about starling murmurations. Starlings doing a starling.
© Zhenhuan Zhou, China Mainland. Shortlist, Open Competition, Motion. This is a perfect accompaniment to my recent escapism into Yellowstone, 1883, Red Dead Online, and assorted televised rodeos. Love the vignetting. Surely that’s not a scratch below the bull’s nose. Maybe something from before the bull left the chute.
© Haidur Khan, India. National Award Winner. This is my favorite, hands down, no question. My favorite from among the dozens on the website. Simply stunning. I want this one on my wall! Gimme!

Banner photo: © Saravut Whanset, Ethiopia. Shortlist, Open Competition, Travel. Again, the detail. And each of these — whatever they are — is handmade!

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