Mask reprieve a mistake

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    1. Absolutely. The whole business about masks/no-masks is a symptom of the rampant libertarianism in the country these days; yet government, it seems to me, MUST be able to declare what’s best for the nation’s health overall, and the legitimacy of its doing so needs broad acceptance. I remember smallpox vaccine and polio shots in school – nobody was objecting then.

      1. Yep. And without it a lot of those anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers wouldn’t be around to complain. Sadly, because of them and their selfish self-centeredness, a lot of other people aren’t around anymore.

      2. And Big Pharma has a ton of money. Don’t listen to them when they are busy promoting their latest drugs. Listen to the science and to your doctor.

      1. He wouldn’t have appointed anyone who didn’t march to his drum. If he could stack every court in the land, he would. Of course, he’s already stacked the top court.

      1. I don’t know how much of that is true — that many public health officials are in bed with Big Pharma. But no doubt some are. It’s the lawmakers in bed with Big Pharma that I really hate.

      2. Yes, a very fair comment. To misquote the phrase “There are liars, damn liars and there are lawyers”.

        Fascinatingly lawmakers is anagram of law masker! Do you think someone is making lots of money out of masks? Is it the lawmakers?

        I understand lobbyists have a lot of clout. And money of course, which always talks to the unscrupulous.

  1. Absolutely right. Libertarianism is the order of the day but it seems to me the government must be able to dictate the best measures on health issues for all, and the people must recognize and adhere to its authority to do so. I recall smallpox vaccinations and polio shots in school (to name just two) and nobody ever objected to those.

    1. Yep, I remember both of those vaccines and was happy to get them. I wonder how modern day objectors feel about the usual vaccine regimen for their kids. And why they think this is any different.

      1. A lot of modern day objectors are consistent and won’t touch vaccines. Others just observe that in fact the whole vaccines exercise in in fact a big clinical trial. You have to dig a bit to find that out though.

        In the UK my brother in law and his wife have been part of the trial officially. Others have taken part without realising it.

      2. In a way it is a big clinical trial in that vaccine manufacturers and health officials all track and report usage, side effects, etc. But it’s not planned like a true trial, with blinds, controls, placebos, etc.

      3. It’s important to study and analyze all those stats, whether they are part of a formal trial or not. Usually the official trials precede the release of any new drugs, whereas the stat tracking comes afterward. Retrospective studies are done, side effects are tracked, etc. It’s important to know if, when, how any problems develop. The trials can’t anticipate or detect everything that might become apparent in the public at large.

  2. I’m with you 100%, I got vaccinated and boosted at the earliest opportunity ans still have masks stashed in every car.

    And good news from Jayhawk23 — “The whole business about masks/no-masks is a symptom of the rampant libertarianism in the country these days.”

    1. I failed to mention I’m double boosted. And anticipate maybe a third in the fall, depending on what the health experts say.

      I’ve got no quarrel with libertarians (present company included!) but I do think national government has a place, and fighting an epidemic that affects all of us is one of them. Sometimes personal or local decisions are not broad enough to get the job done. And people need to recognize that.

    1. I will too, and I will resent the hostile looks. My wearing a mask doesn’t hurt anyone else in any way. It is I who may be shooting hostile looks at the unmasked.

    1. I haven’t been on a plane since 2003. And hope I never have to again. Don’t think I could manage the long lines and don’t want to try. As for our recent ex-president, he can take a long walk off a short pier.

  3. “Hyper-individualism” anti-mask and vaxxers, and often, sure as certain textualist Federal judges, keen to find language to negate. Politics now totally negative. Not what one’s for, but what you’re against is the identifier.

    1. How not to progress: Devote all your effort to blocking the other guy’s effort. Let’s just cancel Congress and stop paying the residents for doing nothing. The states can make better use of the money.

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