Fair warning

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      1. johnthecook…because the 2020 POTUS Election was fair; there were no CONFIRMED cases of “voter fraud”, the Democratic Party should have no fears of a repeat of 2020 in 2024. Trump was soundly defeated, because The American people have spoken! Besides with the well proven Leadership skills of Joe Biden AND his complete Saff firmly in “Command” what is there to worry about? Remember ALL votes are counted fairly and squarely, and we can take that to the bank!

      2. Trump and his supporters are still out there and still insist the 2020 election was stolen. I’m convinced they’ll try again in 2024 if the GOP nominee is Trump. Hopefully Republicans will come to their senses and NOT nominate Trump again. Biden and his staff have no control over the machinations of the next election. I do appreciate you confidence and I wish I shared it, but I’m afraid I’ve become very cynical.

    1. I immediately started looking for a transcript so I could get the whole quote. Not that I need to be reminded, but maybe others do. This is for those who missed it.

  1. Too bad more people weren’t upset and speaking out about all this since 2016 as it was pretty clear where everything was headed if anyone knew history.

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