How we vote in Colorado

6 thoughts on “How we vote in Colorado”

  1. I wish MO would break into the future like CO! We seem to be still in the 19th century, voting-wise. There is a movement to embrace ranked-choice voting but it’s not likely to present it to us for approval this year. Aargh!!

    1. I’ve voted in at least four different states and this is by far the easiest, although the others may have updated their methods since I lived there. Standing in line for up to several hours was bad enough, but Georgia’s butterfly ballot (~1972) was truly awful. Frankly, if I still had to stand in line, I’d probably only be voting in presidential elections, if that.

  2. California makes it easy to vote too. What a concept! The states that are determined to make it hard to vote are obviously run by governments that only want a certain type of voter to be able to cast their ballots. Those people who stand in line for hours to vote are true heroes.

    1. Indeed they are. Especially when the people in charge planned it that way knowingly and deliberately (I’m thinking especially of Georgia, where they really try to limit the black vote.)

  3. I, too, am undeclared in Calif. Our Primary system allows I receive only one ballot with all political parties on it. Likewise, I chose to put my ballot in a drop box. It should be this easy all over the country.

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