Signal 30

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  1. My 21-year old granddaughter was in a car accident last week. A driver DUI pulled into her path illegally. Fortunately, she was relatively unscathed, thanks to her seat belt. It left a quite visible abrasion across her shoulder, a testament to its efficacy.

  2. You’re my age – born in ’43. Which month ?
    Re the post, Susan: I have to agree with Janis. Same as rules: you know, “oh that doesn’t mean ME !” ..

    1. April. A fine month.
      “Oh that doesn’t mean ME!” is no doubt the response of many to different rules, laws, and suggestions. Everybody is “special.”

  3. I’m three years older and saw it in a Phys Ed/Health class.  As noted by others, it didn’t have any relationship to me since I was such a wonderful driver – at the time.  It was only when I began to drive competitively that I realized I wasn’t all that and a bag of chips.  Being taught relative skill (in Drivers Ed) would have changed my mind.  But at the time (and still) Drivers Ed is a joke.  IMHO.

    1. I never took Drivers Ed because it didn’t count for college credit. So my parents got me private driving lessons — a huge blessing because I’d have never been able to learn/drive with other students in the car watching me. (I can’t learn anything new if somebody is watching.) And yes, I knew I’d never speed or drive drunk, or swing into the oncoming lane, or try to beat the train to the crossing, etc. One thing I did love about the movie — it got me out of class!

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