Are you registered to vote?

Just asking. I’m late with this, but it’s National Voter Registration Day. Have you moved or changed your name? Just become old enough? Make sure you are properly registered. Election Day is November 8 and fast approaching.

Now more than ever, your vote is important! If you are not properly registered to vote, hop to it!

14 thoughts on “Are you registered to vote?

    1. I hit a snag when I first tried to register because I had to get a new birth certificate from Missouri. The original I presented is so old they wouldn’t accept it (the embossing had become too faint, I guess).

      Anyway, wild horses couldn’t stop me from voting. So very much is riding on it these days.

  1. Great post, Susan.
    In Ohio, the last day to register is October 11. I work part-time for my county’s Board of Elections, and I want everyone to get registered and then vote. If you don’t vote, you lose a fundamental right.. ~nan

    1. Hi, Nan. Welcome to PT. Your work is vital to our election system. Thank you!! The right to vote — and actually voting — is fundamental to our democratic system of government.

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