Moose on the loose

I’ve vacationed in Colorado since I was a kid, and I’ve lived here since 2005 or thereabouts. But throughout my years of driving and hiking and horseback riding in the mountains, I’ve never encountered a moose. I’ve always wanted to see one in the wild, but not actually encounter one, if you know what I mean.

I did see a video once that my brother shot through the windshield of his truck as a moose trotted down the road in front of him. Definitely a big animal, although it was a cow. Reaching six feet at the shoulder, it’s an animal I definitely do not want to meet in the woods! But I really would like to see one from a safe distance.

I first came across this Twitter post in a newsletter I subscribe to. The YouTube video was posted by one of the Twitter commenters. Seems everybody but yours truly has a moose story.

Lucky hiker. Those trees don’t look big enough to stop a moose.
This guy reminds me of a passing snowplow!

11 thoughts on “Moose on the loose

    1. I think their size alone would scare me to death. But I wouldn’t want to encounter a bear or mountain lion either. Then again, this time of year, a bull elk would be a concern …

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