Dems retain Senate

Catherine Cortez Masto

If the news agencies are correct, the Democrats have retained control of the US Senate. Earlier this evening the AP called the Nevada senate race for Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto.

“There should be consequences for people who undermine our democracy, who peddle the ‘big lie’ and conspiracy theories,” Cortez Masto said at an event in Reno in October.

Apparently those consequences include having your Red Wave reduced to a red ripple.

Over in the House of Representatives, last I heard, Colorado’s Lauren Boebert was still leading in a race so tight that an automatic recount is likely to be triggered. (Recounts occur if the final margin in the vote count is less than or equal to half a percentage point.) I’d be very disappointed if she ends up winning, as has been projected, but keeping control of the Senate is much more important.

A Denver newsman called the 2022 election results in Colorado an “epic collapse” for Republicans. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

10 thoughts on “Dems retain Senate

    1. I didn’t think he’d be President the first time. But I overestimated the intelligence of the American public. So I’m not making any bets about his chances if he runs again.

    1. Pundits seemed to have dismissed the idea that voters would vote out of concern for democracy. Not a pocketbook issue, etc. And yet, we did! And look what happened. I now hear Republicans saying the T**** era is over. I certainly hope so. I am heartened.

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