Charles A. Gooddog

Charlie joined my household on November 26 and the month since then has been remarkably uneventful. Our only difference of opinion about anything has been about when the day begins. I’ve long thought 8 or even 9 am was a comfortable time to roll out (after all, I’m retired); he’s more about 6 or 7 am. We’re working on a compromise, but he knows he won’t eat until sometime after I get up — and he’s very food-motivated. That said, I’ve had nothing else to complain about. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. He’s reliably house trained. Doesn’t chew on anything but food and tennis balls. Rarely barks, and then only outdoors. Keeps the bunnies out of the yard without being asked. Gets along with the cat.

A few recent photos, published by popular demand (of at least one person):

His favorite tree
A charm offensive intended to garner treats
Caught in mid-zoomie and, it appears, mid-air

12 thoughts on “Charles A. Gooddog

  1. His battle-scars (probably the wrong phrase) have healed wonderfully, Susan ! He looks absolutely content. Isn’t it super to be able to make animals happy ??

    1. Oh yes, I’m aware of the reputation and the tendency to gain too much weight as a result. I’ve sworn to never let him get fat. At least he’s not one of those that eats rocks. I couldn’t afford the resulting vet bills.

    1. Such a pleasure watching him run! I hadn’t realized what I was missing — not since childhood have I had a smooth-coated dog. I can clearly see all those muscles in action. It’s like watching a thoroughbred run.

      1. Yep, l love to watch ’em dash and dart. And I must say that collar he’s sportin’ speaks to the sartorial acumen of Charlie’s new best pal. Does he hang with you when you’re gaming?

      2. If hanging includes snoozing close by, then yes he does. As for the collar, thanks for the compliment. I do like my guys to look their best.

    1. Charlie is a few years younger than I was shooting for but otherwise checked all the boxes. At my age, a puppy was out of the question. I hope he’s as happy as I am. Haven’t heard any complaints yet.

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