Grateful I am

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    1. That’s one thing about all the bad news (if you’re a newshound, you’re automatically a doomscroller these days, like it or not). It makes you appreciate how much better off you are than those in the news.

  1. What Beth says, Susan: you remind me to stop whingeing and start thanking. You’re a good woman, and I greatly enjoy your blog, so don’t stop posting !! 😀

  2. Heard this Southwest Pilot ( some labor guy or otherwise Sky King type) on CNN or MSNBC blame it all on management not upgrading a computer system that schedules crews to arrive at airports when needed. But fight cancelations numbering more than 300 in one day across the country just locks that system down. Stranding all crews. No crews, no friendly skies. Said he’d been on’ em, honchos on the ground, to replace that antique computational device for at least five years.

    Get rid of the cold. Stay out of snow. Say hi to your buddy. And a wonderful write today by the way.

    1. Yep, been hearing the same reports all week. Southwest systems hopelessly outdated, unions been calling for improvement since 2016, etc. Southwest was always a good bet flying out of Denver. No more. They brought it on themselves.

      It’s been about a week for the cold, so I’m looking for improvement soon. It’s snowing right now so I’ll be staying home. I’ll tell Charlie you said hi. And thanks for the compliment.

      1. I totally agree on the gratitude, Susan. The news has become so efficient at reporting all the bad things that it is easy to overlook the good. As for SouthWest, I heard one report that a major problem is the lack of a hub system such as used by all the others. The effect is that delays at one airport affects all the others downstream in the schedule.

      2. I saw one report explaining the difference between Southwest’s system and all the other airlines, complete with diagrams. I didn’t entirely grasp Southwest’s system but on paper it looked a lot more complex than the hub system used by everyone else. Seems to me this entire fiasco (and it’s not the first time) should give them a clue about changing how they operate. Maybe Pete Buttigieg can “encourage” them to change their ways.

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