This is what early abortion looks like

Pregnancy tissue after an abortion at seven weeks.(Credit: My Abortion Network)

On this, the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, The New York Times has published a must-see article entitled “Early Abortion Looks Nothing Like You’ve Been Told.” I implore you to read it and to share it widely. Pay special attention to the photos of a truth that pro-lifers choose to ignore, to lie about, to pretend does not exist. This is the irrefutable truth they are afraid too many people will see. These are pictures of the human “lives” they claim to be saving. The desire to save these “lives,” these tiny bits of tissue, are why women across the country recently lost the right to control their own bodies, their own lives, their own destinies. I hope these images burn their way into the hearts of every ignorant, misinformed pro-lifer who had a hand in the travesty that was the Dobbs decision.

Featured image: Gestational sacs from eighth and ninth weeks of pregnancy. (Image: My Abortion Network)

6 thoughts on “This is what early abortion looks like

  1. As a two-time utiliser of this service during my youth, I am happy to see the lie that’s been hurled at me on many an occasion, Susan. It’s all a bit George Santos we now know – every issue that divides Dems from the GOP supporters.

    1. So many women can thank Roe for the lives they’ve enjoyed the last 50 years. I hate to think of the women today who have been or will be denied that same right because of lies, misrepresentations, and ignorance about pregnancy and abortion.

  2. I feel for the younger people who may not have the options we fought so hard for, this is insane that it even is an issue anymore, but it’s all about power and keeping women down

  3. There is ample evidence that at least a quarter of pregnancies end in miscarriage, which is natural abortion. Some more-recent research indicate that the true rate is about half.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s a relief for some women, a heartbreaking disaster for others. In either case, it’s not the business of a bunch of nosey, interfering, self-righteous strangers.

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