“There are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep.”

–Edward Abbey

The photograph, used with permission, is “Moonlit Simplicity -V” © Erik Stensland, Estes Park, Colo. It was taken just east of Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. That’s Hallet Peak on the left and Flattop Mountain on the right.

6 thoughts on “Serene

  1. It must be amazing to have an environment like that, Susan .. and I know you appreciate it more than do many. Long may your enjoyment last !

    1. This location is not exactly in my neighborhood. It’s about 90 minutes of driving and then hiking a mile or so. I’ve been there once or twice in the distant past, but never at night. I have to count on Stensland now to get to the good places at the right times and bring back shots like this. Takes my breath away.

    1. I know you are probably closer to Yosemite (which would be on my bucket list if I were any kind of traveler), but Rocky Mountain National Park is well worth visiting and is my favorite place in the world.

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