Only Wednesday

It’s certainly been a week of thought-provoking, gut-twisting, all-around bad news. And it’s only Wednesday. But these days could describe most weeks. Of course, we can blame it on the media and their determination to lead with the most catastrophic stuff they can find. But do we, society, have to keep providing such fodder? Apparently some of us do.

I, for one, was already ordering popcorn and a new recliner in preparation for the trial of Dominion vs. Fox News. So much had already leaked about how much Fox had lied and twisted and misreported events surrounding the 2020 election. It was downright salacious and I admit I was loving every bit of it. All those big Fox stars talking off-camera about what they really thought about Donald Trump, etc.

I couldn’t wait for the trial to begin, to see the Fox celebrities, one by one, squirming under the bright light of truth, justice, and probing attorneys. I couldn’t wait to see them lose the case to the tune of 1.6 billion — with a b — dollars.

But alas, ’twas not to be. Just minutes before the trial was to begin, with the jury already seated, the lawyers for the two sides hammered out a deal and Fox settled. For a measly $787 million. Still, sources said that was four or five times Dominion’s total worth.

Damn. I was so looking forward …

The sad thing is, Fox viewers will probably manage to take this as some kind of victory for Fox News. And Fox, of course, will be presenting it that way.


In other news, I’ve learned to never again pull into a random driveway to turn around. People are getting shot for doing that.

And I’ve learned to be very wary of knocking on a stranger’s door. You can get shot for doing that, too. You could be mistaken and think it’s the house you were looking for. Honest mistakes happen all the time. But if the homeowner is grumpy and has a gun …

Now I understand why door-to-door solicitors ring the bell and then move clear back to the edge of the porch. That way if I answer the door with a gun in my hand, they’re already halfway gone. (On the other hand, if I answer the door with a gun in my hand, I might be the one getting shot.)

So I won’t knock. I’ll just call from my car and say I’ve arrived, and if I’m at the right house, the homeowner can open the door and invite me in.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Chicago, don’t get caught downtown when a few hundred teens and their closest friends decide to start jumping on cars and attacking the occupants.

… but again, it’s only Wednesday.


Thursday, April 20: And it was still Wednesday when a Texas high school cheerleader was shot when she mistook another car for hers and started to get in.

13 thoughts on “Only Wednesday

  1. Yep, I was all set to witness the public and judicial ass-whippin’ Fox News so rightly and richly deserves…and it could still happen…and Yep again…from the front porch to the public square one doesn’t dare to just sit a spell ….it’ all going to hell …do I sound old…

  2. My take on the people shot for turning around in the driveway and knocking on the door are that we have all grown suspicious of each other and assume the worst. It’s sad.

    1. And that widespread suspicion is all the more reason why guns shouldn’t be so readily accessible in our society. They and the suspicion/fear just fuel each other.

    1. I so rarely go out that I can’t comment on neighbors, other than no noise complaints. But what some people say on NextDoor can be very disturbing.

  3. Man oh man… I was right there with you anticipating with glee the FOX spectacle, but alas it wasn’t to be. However… there are still some great civil and even criminal cases yet to be enjoyed. But don’t hold your breath. Great presentation.

    1. Fox anticipated our glee and wisely denied us the show we wanted. They were left with 787 million reasons to can Tucker Carlson a few days later and I did enjoy that, along with Don Lemon’s firing from CNN. But yes, I look forward to future well-deserved comeuppances in several quarters. And thanks for the compliment. I always appreciate those.

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