Isn’t she stunning? A giraffe with no spots. One of a kind. Born at Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tenn. The zoo is having a naming contest and posted four options on their Facebook page:

1. Kipekee – Unique
2. Firyali – Unusual or Extraordinary
3. Shakiri – She is most beautiful
4. Jamella – One of great beauty

Apparently one votes there, in the comments on the Facebook page. Voting will end on Labor Day, September 4. I think Kipekee is my choice, although she’s also unusual and beautiful. I dunno. I’m just so tickled with her (yeah, we former Okies say “tickled” with things). She’s beyond adorable.

10 thoughts on “Extraordinary

        1. They all have such beautiful eyes. And are gentle with children – watching during zoo visits. This new star for giraffe lovers will bring lots of business to the zoo. (Remember April and her baby a few years back?)

          1. They seem not only gentle, but very elegant. I keep thinking I need to go down to the Colo Springs zoo and see all their giraffes. And yes, I certainly do remember April. Followed that story very closely.

          2. yes, all good. I do remember April, my class followed her every day online for a long time, throughout her pregnancy and baby

  1. I ain’t NEVAH seen nuthin like that !! They’re such graceful creatures, giraffes .. I look forward to a follow-up post when you find out what the scientific people offer as an explanation for this amazing baby ..

    1. Some recessive gene related to pigmentation, like a form of melanism? Maybe there will be a follow-up report with an explanation from an expert. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep admiring …

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