Goodbye, summer … sniff

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  1. Apart from needing to vent a little about WordPress’ habit of changing stuff gratuitously .. I suppose I can sympathize wit’ yer, Colorado – even though we’re facing a comeuppance re climate change with our oncoming season, seeing as how somer is icumen in and we will be punished .. Sighh .. I am glad I’m not young, truly: were I my very favourite person in the world, who has a wife and two children around whom his life and loves revolve, and who is 39 .. why, I would be anxious. Very.

    1. It makes me sad to think of what we are leaving to younger generations. We’ve screwed up. The earth is hurting. And the trajectory does not look good. I hope your summer will not be as bad as you fear, but here in the northern hemisphere this summer, we did not set a good example. Maybe you Aussies can do better.

  2. It looks like this fall should make up for that one that I remember too–all the aspen leaves turning brown without turning golden. My prediction is that this year should be glorious here in Colorado. (I hope I didn’t just jinx it.)

  3. I visited my brother last year when the Aspens were in color. He took me on a ride to Cripple Creek (no, we did not gamble, just looking for a lunch spot) and we ended up on one highway that gave me a few beautiful photos. Here in WI, it was hot and dry all summer, but I am seeing some yellows pop out in the trees. Here’s hoping for a colorful fall!

    1. I’ve never been to Cripple Creek, but any drive in the mountains this time of year is going to be a good one. WI doesn’t strike me as a place that would be hot and dry. Up north and close to all that water and all. But it’s been an odd year everywhere. Hope your fall comes through for you.

      1. Not all of WI has been dry. Where I live, just south of Green Bay, the rain seemed to purposely avoid us, going to the north or south of us. It’s been frustrating.

    2. M-J, next time you visit Colorado, send some of your terrific images to Susan here: they’ll fill her large heart with pride. 😀

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