So here we are … again

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  1. I feel your pain. Great post. I forgot to reset the clock in my Canon DSLR. And the smart thermostat which isn’t really all that smart, lol.

    1. I’m not sure I’d have ever thought of the clock in the camera; I’d just go through life with timestamps that are correct part of the year. And I have a smart thermostat. I assumed it would reset itself. Guess I’d better check that …

      1. I assume you change the clock on your computer(s) or they auto-update… What happens when your camera is out of sync with your computer when you download? Do you get a warning or a nag reminder?

  2. Struth, Colorado ! – so many timers you have !!
    I don’t operate a single one, because of being obsessive about power and its cost on my monthly bill. So when it comes to daylight saving I have only to re-set the clock on my tiny kitchen’s wall, the electric one beside my bed and my watch.
    Sooo uncomplicated ! 😀

    1. I can certainly appreciate that. If my wifi goes out, half the stuff in my house goes wonky along with it. It’s a perilous relationship, hi tech and I (me?). All my conveniences can become extreme inconveniences in a flash.

    1. Turns out states can’t change to permanent daylight saving time until the House of Representatives passes a bill passed by the Senate last year. But they can change to permanent standard time if they want to. Getting a simple stroke of a pen out of the House these days is … problematic.

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