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Category: Education

Swedes debate middle school’s vagina mural

In Nyköping, Sweden, a debate erupted last month over the appropriateness of a “smiling vagina” mural in a junior high school. The artist, Carolina Falkholt, painted the mural on a staircase in […]

hunker down

‘Hunkering down’ for hurricanes

I have restrained myself for approximately four years, so I’m giving myself permission to rant again about a particular pet peeve of mine. Back in 2008 I wrote: When reporters […]

Politics and intelligent design in education

If you’re interested in the issue of evolution vs. creation (aka intelligent design) and its place in our schools, check out Amy Greene’s op-ed piece from yesterday’s New York Times: […]

Salecia Johnson

Georgia principal has 6-year-old arrested

Well, it’s happened again. A school principal, rather than dealing first-hand with a discipline problem at his school, opted instead to call the police. The student in this case was […]