Another union rant

I just saw Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, on CNN. She was being interviewed about President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program, a plan to improve some of the nation’s poorest schools. I wasn’t particularly interested… Read More ›

Condoms in grade school!?

Historically, Massachusetts has been a bastion of liberalism, but providing free condoms for grade school students?  Without informing their parents? Without parents being able to stop the distribution? Ridiculous. This doesn’t even count as an abdication of responsibility. This is… Read More ›

Going to the birds

National news has been the pits lately. But I do have a couple of places I love to visit to unwind. Both are streaming webcams and I’ve mentioned them before. Right now they are better than ever. Phoebe the hummingbird… Read More ›

Much ado about Arizona

Arizona is getting a lot of negative publicity these days, mostly because of their recently passed anti–illegal immigration law (SB 1070 and amendment). I’ve no problem with that law and see it as little different from typical seat-belt laws —… Read More ›