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Great viewing on the hummingbird nest cam

Heads up to hummingbird fans: One of Phoebe’s two eggs hatched yesterday. The second could hatch any time. If you aren’t familiar with the hummingbird nest cam, you must check it out. Make sure your sound is on. And be prepared for lots of friendly chat, too. Hummers are about 3″ long, their eggs are the size of Tic Tacs, and the nest is about the size of a golf ball. For previous PT posts on Phoebe and other hummers, see here. … Comments »

Phoebe the hummer expecting two valentines

Phoebe, my favorite hummingbird, is currently tending two eggs that are expected to hatch in mid-February. Some of you will remember Phoebe from past years and newer readers may wonder what I’m talking about (search “Phoebe” in the header).

It’s simple, really. Streaming webcams are a dime a dozen, with blurry images and nothing much happening. But Phoebe’s camera is high quality and tightly focused on her nest. And while you may not give a flip about birds in general, you just might find yourself intrigued by this one. There’s not much happening yet. Just two eggs and Phoebe coming and going. If nothing else, crank up the volume and enjoy the warm sounds of birds, a fountain, and a sunny garden environment. The accompanying chat room is friendly and informative, and when the chicks hatch, you’ll be among hundreds of excited friends and spectators. Check in now and get acquainted, or make a note to come back when the eggs hatch.

Excerpted from my May 10, 2010, post:

Tiny one-day-old Hope shares nest with sibling due to hatch tomorrow

… You don’t have to love birds to be fascinated by this one; she has a charm all her own. The camera is zoomed in tight, the picture is very sharp; you can almost count her feathers and the spider silk threads anchoring her nest. As you look in on her, though, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself that she’s only three inches long, her nest is the size of a golf ball, and her eggs are the size of Tic Tacs. Now try to imagine a live baby bird emerging from an egg that small.


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