Rocky Mtn Natl Park

Pollock in the Park

Abstract painting, right? No, take another look. It’s a photograph of a mountainside in Rocky Mountain National Park, shot, of course, by Erik Stensland, Estes Park, Colo. Isn’t this amazing? It was shot Thursday morning, and was the result of a… Read More ›

Chapin on a Saturday

This is Mount Chapin, Rocky Mountain National Park, as it looked yesterday morning. Luckily, Estes Park, Colo., photographer Erik Stensland was there to capture the scene. He posted this on his Facebook page, but you can also find his work at… Read More ›

Summer’s last gasp

It’s Labor Day weekend, traditionally the end of summer. Family vacations are winding down, pools are closed, schools are open, and the next holiday with a day off is Thanksgiving. So it’s no wonder people have flocked to their favorite vacation spots… Read More ›

Listen up, park lovers

This is Moraine Park, a large open valley in Rocky Mountain National Park. The accompanying MP3 file was recorded there as part of a National Park Service project to record natural soundscapes that are unspoiled by human sounds. The scientists making the recordings… Read More ›